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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Tampa, FL

Like many Americans, you and your family likely use electricity-powered devices and appliances every day. Thanks to modern advances in technology, you can easily watch high-definition television, play video games with crystal-clear graphics, and control your home's temperature to the degree. However, it's important to know just what your home needs to power all these amazing devices.

Turn to Acme Electric when you're ready to upgrade your home's electrical capabilities. As they're created, modern electrical devices and appliances will use more and more energy; however, if you're the owner of an aging home, your electrical panel likely isn't equipped to handle these electrical demands. That's why our contractors offer electrical panel upgrades in Tampa, FL. Keep your home safe and your energy bills low with electrical panel installation.

We Also Perform Circuit Breaker Upgrades

In addition to needing electrical panel upgrades, many aging homes need circuit breaker upgrades. Outdated circuit breakers often struggle to supply the amount of energy modern electronics need. This can prevent you and your loved ones from fully enjoying your favorite electronic devices and appliances, making some daily tasks almost impossible.

Before & After Electrical Panel Upgrades in Tampa, FL
If your home is more than a few decades old, schedule an electrical inspection with our contractors to learn whether you need one of our circuit breaker upgrades. We'll outfit your home with a circuit breaker that can keep up with your family's electricity usage; otherwise, we'll recommend you opt for new sub panel installation. We do this when your home's main panel is fully occupied.

Let Us Handle Sub Panel Installation

Routing the electricity your family needs isn't possible if your home's main panel is fully occupied. However, our electricians can add circuit capacity with new sub panel installation. Also known as a breaker box, a sub panel helps supply the extra space we need to secure a steady stream of energy to your home.

Sub panel installation is a great option for families that are undertaking home remodeling or renovations. If you've decided to add a new room onto your home, your main panel likely doesn't have the ability to send energy to your addition. Prevent power shortages by scheduling sub panel installation with our team. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with your new source of electricity.

Contact us to find out more about electrical panel upgrades. We proudly serve clients in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas.
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